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The Seventh Seal of Sol-OMan is a representation of the movment and illumination of the Wholly Spiritual Universe. - Undefinable And Expansive Creed © Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

There are many aspects to the seal for Undefinable and Expansive. It is referred to as the Seventh Seal of Sol-OMan. It has several functions however referring to what we can see obviously on the surface of the image, the circles (“Flower of Life”) and lines (“Star of David”) within the center represent the Movement and Illumination of the Wholly Spiritual Universe. As described more in depth in the Third Statute, the Wholly Spiritual Universe is a holographic sensory experience of the relationship between “Creator” and perception of “Creation”.

The outside squares (“Star of Melchizedek”) references to the clarity of the authority of the awakened chooser and explorer of all creation (“God’s Son”). Along the journey of separate phisical reality, we have cycled through frequencies, we are coming to the end of the seventh seal. This is the seal which is to be broken for the world to convert into its illuminated and transparent state.

Along the Circle of the seal is a snake eating its self, this is a symbol of eternal life as well as the responsibility of the development of the world and all of its problems.

Along it’s surface it reads “Every body a Cannibal” which references not specifically to the act of eating other humans but to the believers in separation must eat among the rest of creation to survive. All creation is one essence which then must eat itself.

Next it reads “Every Soul a Vegan” which in the same right does not actually reference to eating flesh or vegetable but to one coming in touch with their soul and emotions and acting on their concern for the suffering of others. In fact Souls only “eat” Energy.

Third it reads “Every I AM is.” which does refrence to the "Great I AM” which is a term use for the creator of this reality which is our one self within christ consciousness. This statement emulates that this “I AM” does not resist what it is manifest as, but lives it whole-heartedly even as we are here.

The fourth statement at the begining and end of the snake reads “As Above - So Below” Which is a fact of how we disigned for these dimentional experiences to work. “Above" refrences to the state of the creator's consciousness and “Below" refrences it’s experience [in the world]. We are quite litterally living a world and lives reflecting the way we understand and believe for ourselves to be and deserve.

This is often misunderstood to mean the same as “So on Earth as it is in Heaven” which would depend on your definitionof "heaven" the same way as “above” seems open to interpretation. This statement infact is refrencing to the reflection in the same manor however it is focused on that if you think in the way of “heaven” you will experience “heaven” on“earth”. This is entirely true, the transparent and illuminated reality of the wholly spiritual universe can only be perceived [below] by those who think and believe [above] in corespondence to it.

At the beginning of beginnings, which ends all that is, the presence of pure consciousness, recognised all the light it was. In it, it began at the emptiness in the forefront of all that it has been. As it perceives, fluctuations it becomes, the movements of its self, represented as creation, where space began.

Below are a few examples how this symbol is used differently to adapt to subject matters and what particular focus the practice contains ( mind / body / spirit )