"This is the "Religion" of the Entire Universe and all Existence. Of which you are already a Member.”

- Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

Our Purpose:

Undefinable and Expansive:

We are [a “religion”] based off an ancient wisdom which has grown lost within this (“world”) dimensional perspective. It is the core essence (“gnostic wisdom”) within the depth of all religions. Recognized only by those willing to embrace every aspect of their religion and seek guidance to personal revelation from their teachers & deities. This is a wisdom which experiences an honest recognition of a truth within us all. Where no physical location or person could express more than we can retain. It is not till we eradicate our personal inhibitions, beliefs and misunderstandings [through forgiveness & meditation] that we are able to experience it. When one does, it is everywhere and all encompassing.

(“Undefinable” references to the state of the totality of “God” beyond definitions of any kind. "Expansive” references to our perception which will always be increasing till it reaches that same totality of “God” which is also beyond perception of any kind. Discussed more in the Statutes below.)

“The Jouney of our Eternal Life is far "longer" then we could comprehend as humans. What we are thrives off exploration of new worlds and dimentional experiences. It does not end.”

- Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

Open and Clear Reality:

Is a distributor of this wisdom, providing a safe place to cultivate the drive and calling which we all feel and eventually answer. To come to recognize what it is we actually are and awaken its expression here, from beyond self, beyond bodies and beyond a world.


To convert the separated perspective of the world to a liberated, transparent and illuminated (“crystalized”) experience through diligent personal responsibility and practice of relinquishment of the ability to discern differences one experience at a time. Where One Recalls Their Infinate Reality.

“Through personal experience of this transformation, it is an absolute fact to me that it does not matter what you think you believe, it really is the Truth, the REAL Truth that prevails. It is inevitable that you Remember.”

- Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne 

Our Attendees:

  • Shared Purpose
  • Shared Purpose:

    Those gathering here recognize that they do not currently experience the full truth of [our one-self] reality and desire guidance, support and friendship leading to eventually be able to do so. Otherwise feeling called be an inspiration and support for others to do what it took for them to have personally discovered it.

    “We gather as those who admit we do not know, to support each other on the Quest to Know, Again.”

    - Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

    Shared Calling:

    Within this existence, as seemingly independent beings we strive to represent the essence and singular source of the universe in each breathing moment. We have decided to choose the perception of an all-encompassing Love or recognize it as a lesson to soon do so [admitting when done successfully the worldopens to a transparent and illuminated reality]. Together we support any motivation of those feeling it while Individually we seek to fulfill our personal divine purpose, callings, and design. We naturally open our minds and hearts to greater potential and do what it takes to clear our conduit for understanding and representing our current grasp on the totality of Truth. We Choose to be Open and Clear.

    “While we are one essence in truth, we do embrace diversity here, understanding that we all have purpose individually and it is together where we are whole and complete. Even as the Universe.”

    - Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

  • Shared Values
  • Shared Values:

    1. We value everyone’s unique calling and direction by the internal guidance which has adapted to their individual needs leading to the inevitable recognition of their true self beyond separate forms and concepts, awakening it’s expression here.

    2. We value the collaboration of this guidance as our paths seem to cross, assuming an importance to everyone’s purpose. Practicing care and compassion for where one is on their journey. Offering only respect for what others share, understanding that it has the potential to assist in accelerating our own journey tothis recognition beyond our form.

    3. We value that while we are all equals in our truth, we are given unique functions to assist eachother's. We seek to obtain that unique function from within and not by emulating others. Recognizing no one is the authority over any, yet offers a unique perspective which, when respected can be understood by our own internal guidance.

    4. We value the journey of our lives, as one embarked on by our true nature, embracing and forgiving all it’s trials and experiences as opportunities and lessons leading to the complete retaining of the memories from before we came.

    5. We value the calling of this truth’s expression in this world, by any form in which it comes. Nobly seeking guidance on how to liberate ourselves from inhibitions, limiting beliefs and misunderstandings of who we are. Allowing this truth to be freely offer itself to those seeking its inspiration.

    6. We value personal revelation to any degree,as steps along our journey. Leting them be there if they are and remaining flexible to their changes. Following the inspiration of signs and symbols in any area of life, as it is confirmed by our personal guidance within.


    7. We value the recognition of our truth as one-self and everything in our experience [as a simulated reality] has the potential to guide us to our true reality. We do not idealize any specific dogma as the only way, realizing all forms and definitions have purpose on our journey, however recognizing all of them [even this one] as temporary.

    “Regardless of your values,our values are universal and support yours."

    - Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

    Shared Morals:

    We do not condone, nor actively condemn:

    (nor condemn the condoning or condemnation there of)

    ⁃The use of actions leading to anyones death or suffering.

    ⁃The use of actions of ingesting whatever one chooses.

    ⁃The use of actions leaving others needing or wanting.

    ⁃The use of words of any language with intensity of ill-intent.

    ⁃The use of thoughts concluding to someones judgment of/or worthiness.

    ⁃The use of actions engaging in any un-consensual sexual activities.

    ⁃The use of actions of forcing agreements one does not willingly agree with.

    ⁃The use of actions leading to braking contracts and commitments with out all parties agreement.

  • Shared Standards
  • Shared Standards:

    As an organization we do not posses any particular required standard. We move to inspire everyone to recognize they have an internal-guidance system within thwm, which knows what’s best for your journey than any definition. This guidance can seem as unique as people are. As a whole we would not condemn activities, yet firstly would not condone them either. However there are some common desires among them.

    We each have personally found it important and noble to:

    ⁃ Have open arms, accepting of all of life's situations, either that challenging or pleasurable.

    ⁃ Be whole heartedly trusting in the universe and its creator, all its inhabitants and situations it finds it self.

    ⁃ Give others reason to find ourselves trustworthy and refrain from seaming otherwise.

    ⁃ Seek new opportunities of Creative and innovation forms of expression and living.

    ⁃ Have the eyes find enjoyment and pleasure in all activities, remembering that every situation deserves laughter.

    ⁃ Believe in ourselves with full confidence in who designed us to succeed.

    ⁃ Face each day with a sense of bravery and a sense of chase to the growth it offers.

    ⁃ Have a heart of compassion, tenderness and a sense of servitude to those seen lacking.

    ⁃ Have the patience to show mercy and tolerance to those cross, fail or make mistake at ours or others expense.

    ⁃ Be true in actions and speech to what we feel, believe and is our honesty self. 

    ⁃ Remember it is more productive to give with willing generosity, then to receive with resistance to work.

    ⁃ Be loyal to our commitments, following through and fulfilling our agreed contracts.

    ⁃ Be free of thoughts justifying judgment and exclusion of other’s unique design and freedom of it’s expression.

    ⁃ Have an honest respect, courteousness, cordial attitude to all religions, races and differences of any kind. 

    ⁃ Have the understanding that there is a time and place, for every activity, lifestyle and language and the refraining off.

    ⁃ Engage in traditional or creative expressions of intimacy, currently within our perception’s support of the recognition of Love’s presence.

    ⁃ Have focus on this moment, living without regret, guilt or fear of what is forever past and what is anticipated, yet never comes. 

    ⁃ Be gentle with ourselves and others, regarding spiritual progress and communicating in a degree they seem capable of understanding.

    ⁃ Be allowing of ourselves andothers exactly as we have been designed to be, grow and think.

    ⁃ Apply forgiveness to all situations and people regardless if they were deemed as a positive or negative influence or intention.

    ⁃ A representation of [our current understanding and justifications as] Love’s presence, which naturally seeks out ways to be mosthelpful.

    ⁃ Have the motivation to seek transcendence of past ways and healing into new ones.

    ⁃ Be willing to follow our internal guidance, intuition and bliss and being obedient to it.

    ⁃ Seek a state of pure defenselessness with everyone and situation, understanding it is always possible to learn and achieve a new state of consciousness that is not in a world of issues and problems.

    ⁃ Have the strength and willingness to challenge ourselvesto be greater as we personally desire to be.

    ⁃ Live with a full sense of liberation from restraint, denials and a need for personal freedom.

    ⁃ Remain sure of our design to be accepting and flexible with all of life’s adventures and opportunities of improvement.

    ⁃ Engage with others with tolerance and patience recognizing theyrepresent a very specific perspective and intelligence, by design and respecting it.

    ⁃ Offer every living being anamount of respect we believe we are worthy of, with a sense of humility to our intentions.

    ⁃ Take ownership of a radical sense of responsibility of everything we see occurs and accountability of everything we believe does and has exists.

    ⁃ Extend help to others we perceive in a situation that we would want help in or out of if ourselves where also in.

    ⁃ Have the determination and perseverance to achieve our goals, and follow what we feel we have been called to achieve.

    ⁃ Express ourselves with a flawless honesty of everything we believe is true and possible, open to discussing details with perfect defenselessness

    ⁃ Practice some form of communication with our divine everyday and attempting to improve that connection by whatever means guided.

    ⁃ Perceive life with an open-mind to new ways of life, and completely accepting that what others do with it, even as ourselves is between ourselves and our creator.