"This practice does not want you to change who you are, but to embrace who you are. For even that which you are is the way it is for a reason beyond any bodies understanding.”

"This is the "Religion" of the Entire Universe and all Existence. Of which you are already a Member.”

- Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

Our Purpose:

Undefinable and Expansive:

We are [a “religion”] based off an ancient wisdom which has grown lost within this (“world”) dimensional perspective. It is the core essence (“gnostic wisdom”) within the depth of all religions. Recognized only by those willing to embrace every aspect of their religion and seek guidance to personal revelation from their teachers & deities. This is a wisdom which experiences an honest recognition of a truth within us all. Where no physical location or person could express more than we can retain. It is not till we eradicate our personal inhibitions, beliefs and misunderstandings [through forgiveness & meditation] that we are able to experience it. When one does, it is everywhere and all encompassing.

“The Jouney of our Eternal Life is far "longer" then we could comprehend as humans. What we are thrives off exploration of new worlds and dimentional experiences. It does not end, nor is it concerned with endings.”

- Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

“Through personal experience of this transformation, it is an absolute fact to me that it does not matter what you think you believe, it really is the Truth, the REAL Truth that prevails. It is inevitable that you Remember.”

- Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

Open and Clear Reality:

Is a distributor of this wisdom, providing a safe place to cultivate the drive and calling which we all feel and eventually answer. To come to recognize what it is we actually are and awaken its expression here, from beyond self, beyond bodies and beyond a world.

”To say 'I believe', leaves it open for debate. However, you do not have reason to debate what is Fact to you. For those aware of full divine-conciousness these things are not something believed in and hoped for, but experienced as reality."

~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

The bases of this practice:

"I am a Christian not a Jesus-tian, even as Jesus was."

~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne